Nico – Staffordshire Bull Terrier


1 yr 3 months
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Arrived 10/12/15
Private boarding, Macclesfield

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Apologies for this long winded story of Nico…but unfortunately some dogs have a lot to tell! Nico has come in via the Inspectors. Her owner had to go into hospital due to mental health issues and the family couldn’t look after her or afford to get her to the vets over an ear mite problem which we’ve treated and resolved. Nico is micro chipped to her original owner-we’ve established she rehomed Nico to a woman privately in September thinking she’ll have a home for life. However she has been passed from one home to another at least three times in just 3 months and given away/sold via the internet and landed up being bred from. This is one reason why we advise strongly against rehoming animals privately to people you do not know. Nico is still with her puppies but she can be adopted any time from mid January when they have been rehomed.

Nico is absolutely ADORABLE. She is a small girl but has an bigger heart! As for her age she can be very calm, many people comment on this, she has her moments of puppy antics though! You need to like Staffy kisses as they come in abundance! She has met several dogs and been fine so far, she had a nice walk, albeit a cold one, with a cute 7 month Cocker. Dare we say Nico is cuter than all the cutest canines out there! In the past we know she spent a lot of time with family dogs in her original home. Her very last owner said she’d growl at dogs but then she was pregnant and had given birth so that’s understandable! Nico just wants to find the ‘one’ after all this time of searching and being let down, are you the one?



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