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Nigella young adult Biscuit DOB 30th July
Fostered in Macclesfield


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Foster update 26/10/16:-
Nigella has been through so much in her short life, she came from terrible living conditions to being dumped with 60 other domestic rats. When she came into our branch she had terrible pneumonia, looked very disheveled and was also pregnant. Despite all of this, she went on to have 8 very healthy babies and did a fantastic job of raising them all. Now, finally, she is getting used to the life she should have had all along – lots of love…and food. The reason she is called Nigella is because – well, she just loves food!!! She is making sterling progress, she will now come to you for food, will climb on to your knee for a perch – even on to your shoulder now, you can just about sneak in a quick head rub before she remembers that she’s not really a fan of too much fuss. She is also not really a fan of being picked up, and who can blame her after what she has been through, as long as she has food and somewhere quiet that she can relax and grow in confidence she is a happy girl. She is up for adoption with 1 of her girls, Biscuit. The 2 have bonded so well, Biscuit can be wary to start with, but that’s just because rats are so clever and like to figure you out first. Once she is used to you – she is quite the opposite. Biscuit is a cheeky little lady who loves to play, she loves to explore – especially places that she isn’t meant to (see the door handle balance picture!!), she loves to run around, play chase and hide in your sweater.
These girls will make some fantastic companions for a rat lover who will be able to continue to help Nigella grow in confidence. They love to sleep in their hammock and did I mention Nigella loves food??? They would prefer a home where they can have space out of their cage to explore, but quiet enough for Nigella to feel relaxed. Nigella thinks everything is food, so will test with her mouth – which is why we think a small child free home would be best.

Nigella was one of the 60-70 rats in extremely poor condition that were dumped in cardboard boxes in Yorkshire. Nigella gave birth to 8 babies whilst in our care to five boys and three girls one of which is Biscuit. They need a home together and are quite happy! Nigella was obviously wary after the traumatic life and experience she’s had but she has really come around and loves her grub and time out of her cage, Biscuit is of course much more playful and gives her mum a run for her money! Nigella pictured hanging over the platform is her favourite resting pose! More pics to follow soon.

They will require a sizeable cage  with very narrow bars so they cannot escape.  Minimum size accommodation is H70 x D48 x W78cm, however, the bigger the better so they can climb and explore.  The flooring/shelving that they walk on must be solid (i.e. not mesh) and there must be plenty of  enrichment in their cage, e.g. hammocks, climbing ropes/ladders, houses/huts and opportunities to forage for food, also plenty of time in the evenings out of their cage being handled.  If you would like to adopt this pair we will provide further information to you on how the adoption process works.



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RSPCA log no. 3253 19/7/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.