Otis and Onyx – Cats

Long haired
2 Years old
Female+ Male
Location: fostered macclesfield

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Foster update 15 September

I have had Otis and Onyx since 24th August. They have settled in well since their ordeal of having to stay in a pen in the cattery. They have both explored their new temporary home and have secured their favourite spots to have a well earned catnap.

Onyx is the braver of the two but can be timid around strangers, she plays chase with her brother and will play with most cat toys. Otis will have a little play with cat toys and runs in and out of the cat tunnel.

Both cats like to use the scratching post. They enjoy being groomed which is just as well as being long haired they need regular brushing.

Otis is extremely timid around strangers and will hide behind the kitchen table or the sofa. However he will come out when he is feeling more confident but he needs lots of patience and encouragement . He loves a tickle and being stroked and will come and sit on your knee briefly. I am hoping in time he will come out of his shell more, I am just giving him plenty of encouragement to be more confident like his sister.

These two beautiful cats just need their ideal forever home, somewhere with an ideal place for Otis to chill out when things get overwhelming for him, lots of space for them to run around when they are playing chase, window sills to sit and watch the world go by and most importantly a safe garden for them to explore when they are good and ready, remembering that their previous home was a flat and they had never experienced the outside life.

I fear their photos do not do them justice as they are truly beautiful cats lovely long and fluffy hair, Otis has an amazing bushy tail and white fluffy socks which look like he has little furry boots on, his sister Onyx has a beautiful coat which gleams brown/black in the sunshine. If you would like to see for yourself how adorable these two are please get in touch and come and see them.

Otis & Onyx’s owner contacted us for help, after his partner moved out he had to leave the property due to finances and he couldn’t take the cats with him, it came to a point where the only place they could was the car so it got pretty desperate. They are already neutered and micro-chipped, they have started their vaccinations and have been wormed, flead and health checked.

A stunning pair of cats indeed! They are feeling overwhelmed at the moment in their pen. They have never seen the outdoors so would love a home where they can eventually experience the joys of the garden! Onyx is described at cautious, curious, affectionate and confident, she is bold and not afraid to stick up for herself, she is friendly and would adapt well to a new home, she enjoys playing with laser pointers and string toys, she enjoys being petted, occasionally picked up and nibbles gently. Otis is described as initially shy and cautious but curious and affectionate, he is gentle and needs to be with his sister then he could adapt well to a new home, he enjoys interaction with familiar people and loves to lick you, he enjoys being petted and occasionally being picked up (perhaps ok to try when he’s familiar with you!), he’s more interested in being stroked but entertains himself with soft balls.

We are looking for a child and pet free home in order for them to settle in at their own pace with no distractions, they are beautiful!

If you are interested in Otis and Onyx

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.

RSPCA Log Number: PC144 5/6/14