Paddy – A Special Appeal

Practically Paw-fect Paddy…

This is a special appeal is for one of our longest-termers, a special fellow who deserves nothing but the highest of praise. Paddy is a ten year old Staffy, though doesn’t act his age, and a source of immeasurable joy to all those who work with him. He’s waited so long now for that special someone to come along, we thought we’d try and grease the wheels a bit. If Staffies are your thing, then Paddy certainly is.

In many ways he’s a classic Staffy, lovable and affectionate, cuddly and clingy, lacking in airs and graces. A proper piglet, he loves his food and his treats and will do anything in order to get them – clever too. But he’s also got his quirks that set him apart. Like his infatuation with plastic dog beds which are, as far as Paddy is concerned, the most fun thing in the world. He spurns the ball, snubs the cuddly toy, his bed is where it’s at. Rolling it and tumbling with it. You’ll wonder where he’s got to sometimes before a face appears from beneath the selfsame bed, upturned, like a tortoise emerging from slumber, his blanket draped over himself insouciantly. Yawning. You can’t help but laugh. There’s a delightful cheekiness to everything Paddy does and it’s one of the many things that makes him shine – his sparkling and fizzing personality is his, and his alone. You love Paddy because he doesn’t give you a choice.

But he is a boy who is prone to anxieties and can be worried sometimes so will need an owner who understands this. Once he knows someone and feels comfortable in a new situation, then he’s a massive sweetheart. A proper, classic Staffy – but still Paddy at heart. He’s such a handsome dog, his eyes, his nose, his stance, his asymmetrical ears. Having worked with him for so long at this point, we have never been more convinced that Paddy will make the right person indescribably happy and unfathomably loved. He’s one apart.

Paddy would be best placed in an adult-only home, and one where he is the only animal, which we believe will help him to settle and relax into his new routine. He’s become too accustomed to ours, far removed from normality as it may be. He needs a chance to make a fresh start and to begin anew.

If you are interested in Paddy then please give us a call on 01246 273358 (lines open Tuesday through Sunday, 10.00am – 4.30pm) and we’d be delighted to have a chat.

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