Poppy, Bubbles, Kitty and Roonie – Cats

15 year old Mother Poppy (Tortie/white)
13 year old sons Bubbles (black/white long haired), Kitty (black/white short haired), Roonie (Ginger)
Arrived 9th January
Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath

We know it’s a mean feat trying to rehome these oldies but we’ll give it everything we’ve got! Mum and her boys are absolutely adorable and such characters in their own ways. If we get an offer of a home for the entire family that would just be incredible but alas we don’t think this is likely to happen. So we feel that they can be rehomed in pairs: Poppy with Kitty and Roonie with Bubbles.

A Family support worker contacted the branch over concerns for these cat’s welfare. They were living in horrendous condtions and had been for a very long time. All cats were riddled with fleas and dermatitis, fur stained with urine and dirt. Bubbles and Roonie had terrible muscle wastage on their back legs due to lack of exercise, but they are now much stronger on their legs. Xrays done as a precaution. They have all been FIV/FELV tested and blood profiles done to check things like Kidneys, Thyroid, Liver etc and we are very pleased to say they are healthy! They are neutered and have been vaccinated, wormed, flead and microchipped. Roonie does have an unusual condition in that he has no reflex; severe lack of sensation when reflex testing is carried out, so for this reason he (along with Bubbles) will need a home where he has a secure garden to visit as opposed to being allowed to roam away from the property-more information will be provided. As the video’s show…they ALL LOVE CATNIP!


Most older cats are seeking little more than a warm lap, regular food and love!

The older cat is less likely to catch birds and mice than a youngster, or at least much less often.

A senior puss is unlikely to leap up on your shelves and knock your ornaments off, or to climb up your curtains!

Mature Mogs are so grateful to have found a loving home again – they will repay your love ten-fold!

And last but by no means least… Senior Kittizens Rock! (between naps)

If you’d be interested in giving them a loving home, please contact our Cat Rehoming Co-ordinator on felines@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log PC190 9/1/19