Rachel – Cat

Approx 2-5yr
Arrived 2nd June 2018
Fostered in Macclesfield


Update from Rachel’s foster Mum: Sassy Rachel has settled well into the home and loves to join you in anything you are involved in, from sorting out cupboards to making the bed. She has rapidly learnt the feeding routine and what’s her best chance at getting out of the cat room at feeding times. She’s also learnt that at breakfast and tea, she gets a hug and waits for it, she loves her head being rubbed and scratched at this time, but only her head. Just before breakfast I can hear her leaping at the ct room door, I am sure she is trying to pull the handle. Smart cat. She is defo a thinking cat, even if she overdoes the thinking.
She is a very very active cat and loves to play chase and hunting games; her fave toys a felt ball and a feather stick. She runs and chases, through the rabbit tunnel and will run around with the felt ball and play fetch. I feel she has dogs genes and a bit of a hunter. She will chase and leap until she panting for breath.

The lashing out has stopped. If you ask her do something she not keen on or she wants leaving alone, she just flips her tale and glares at you. And if you do push her boundaries she will hiss, esp. if its something she really doesn’t want to do..like leave Tigg alone.

My brother and niece, Georgia, (13yrs) cat sat recently and whilst he said she was hissy, she spent hours playing with Georgia. G is used to my different cats and has one herself, so used to reading the language. Great with food, litter tray and treats. Can jump quite high and effortlessly gets on the work tops, esp. if cooked chicken about! Still gets spooked by sudden moves and finds the washing machine very scary noise-wise. Her favourite resting place is on the top level of the tall cat tree!

“Night is a black cat with Moonscape amber eyes, walking gently across the Blue silhouette sky”.Black is beautiful and that is definately to be said for Rachel. She has a typical sad story of beingabandoned, along with a rabbit, no-one to feed them or care for them for at least a week. She has been spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped. She is a healthy cat, just a touch of mild gingervitisbut a good diet should see to that. She will need a pet and child free home and due to her having a form of fear reactivity(she is not aggressive)she needs an experienced cat owner who will give her the space and time she needs to come around. The before photos shows just how scared she was when she arrived, but since being in a foster home (her foster Mum has been amazing!) she has relaxed somewhat as per photos!We are sure in time she will trust her new owner/s and learn from positive experiences that she is loved and won’t be let down ever again.

If you’d be interested in giving Rachel a loving home, please contact our Cat Rehoming Co-ordinator on felines@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log 1427 21/4/18