Rico – Ridgeback cross

3 years 7 months
Ridgeback cross
Arrived 28th November
Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre

Poor Rico has had a miserable time of it, he was kept in a very small flat and not walked, he had sores and scabs on neck and back from what we don’t know. So now Rico is getting all the love and attention he so needs. He is a very friendly boy who can be a little shy with new people but soon settles and is keen to make friends. He is quite strong on the lead (walks best with a harness). He can be a bit boisterous and enjoys rough and tumble play so we have placed him to go with children 10+ if they are used to dogs. He is very playful with other dogs and should be fine to live with a dog of a similar size who just wants to play. So, despite everything he really is a super dog! Please visit or contact the centre if you are interested:


Log no. 1266/8/11/18