Rosie – Cat

Approx 2 years
Tortie & White DSH
Arrived 5th August
Private boarding Rode Heath
rosie-031015 (3) rosie-031015 (1) rosie-031015 (2)
Rosie along with multiple cats and kittens were all thrown out on the streets by their owner who was a very nasty woman that the Inspector had the pleasure of dealing with. It seems Rosie has had a few litters and a lot of the other cats were cats she’s birthed. The cattery owner took Rosie into her house upon arrival as she was so heavily pregnant just hours later through the night she gave birth to four beautiful babies. Of course when they were big enough they were moved into the cattery which is where Rosie is now. Rosie is a gorgeous girl, very friendly, sweet and playful too! She will be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped in due course.

RSPCA Log 2240 13/7/15

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