Ruby and Gracie – Rabbits

Ruby & Gracie
Approx 3 years
Arrived 2/1/16
Private Boarding, Rode Heath
rubygracie-230416rubygracie-210116 (4) rubygracie-210116 (3) rubygracie-210116 (2) rubygracie-210116 (1)Rubygracie
Ruby & Gracie (renamed Clara & Zoe) are a young pair of females originally brought into our care back in 2013 as their owner was highly allergic. They were adopted but have been returned due to a relationship break up. They are a very sweet, friendly pair and are looking for a home together. They are shy and have never been around children so their ideal home would be one without young humans and dogs. They are spayed and vaccinated. and Minimum housing requirements are 6x2ft hutch & 6x4ft run.

RSPCA log no.  PR41 10/12/13

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.