Ruby – Staffy Cross


Staffy x
1 year old
Location Chesterfield RSPCA
Arrived January 2016

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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…

Owner contacted the branch for help as she couldn’t cope with owning a dog, as a result Ruby has spent many months living in a crate with hardly any time out of it for exercise/walks. Despite this she’s absolutely wonderful, here is some information from her carers at the kennels:

To say that not all of our animals are well suited to a kennels-type environment is not an especially surprising revelation. We try our best at our animal centre to ensure that every animal has their needs met – both physically and psychologically – but we are well aware that some of our residents’ happiness is dependent on them finding a brilliant new home as quickly as possible. One such example is Ruby, a year-old Staffy-X, who seems entirely unable to relax for so long as she is surrounded by the noise and activity that defines an animal centre like ours. Can you help her?

It’d be very easy to describe Ruby by her loveliness, her beautiful eyes, her complete adoration of people, how keen she is to interact with other dogs, and the million other great qualities that she possesses, but we can’t help but feel that there is a lot of untapped potential within her. What she needs is a home, and a loving family, where she can be her true self and really show how fantastic she is! Even at present, in an environment where she isn’t as happy as she could be, to spend time with her is such a privilege, for she is so fun, so loving, and so silly.

The pictures attached to this post only show the briefest inkling of her beauty, you really have to meet her to see how special she is. She desperately needs to find a new home and we’re sure that her perfect family are out there. It could even be you…

Ruby has a real zest for life with lots of energy and enthusiasm. She is looking for an owner who can help her settle into a new home and deliver the training she needs. Ruby would best suit a home with older children (13 years +) and could possibly live with another dog.

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