Sir Stanley – Lop Cross Rabbit


Lop Cross
3yrs approx
Arrived 22/12/15
Fostered in Congleton


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Update 15th Jan:  Sir Stanley went in to a foster home on the 8th Jan where he is indoors. As Stanley used to live as a house rabbit he can be rehomed as such or bonded with a friend to live outdoors. Here are a few words from his fosterer: He’s such a sweetie. He’s so laid-back and very easy to handle when picking up/placing down or being held. He’s not fazed by my dog, budgies flying around over head or my very noisy guinea pigs; and other household noises, such as the vacuum cleaner. He loves his food, not a picky eater at all and he confidently hops to me when he’s out of his cage!


Sir Stanley came in with another pair of bonded rabbits as the owner was unable to care for them any more. Once indoor rabbits all three were very much part of the family. Unfortunately their physically disabled owner had to move and as a result the rabbits were put into hutches in the shed. Due to her disabilities the owner could not tend to the rabbits outside so it was left to the teenage daughter, unfortunately she was so busy with school that often the rabbits weren’t let out of the hutches or fed, therefore the owner contacted us for help.

Sir Stanley is looking to be bonded with a neutered female. We have plenty of information from the previous owner to pass on but he requires a pet free home (no dogs/cats) and no young children, teenagers + is fine. He’s a bold rabbit, timid at first. One thing he loves is to chew his toys (which is good for their teeth) and throw balls around, oh and he likes head rubbing you! Housing requirement is a minimum sized 6x2x2ft hutch and ideally an ‘attached’ 6x4ft run. Please do not buy until you have checked that housing you are interested in meets the RSPCA’s requirements. He was already neutered but we have vaccinated and micro chipped him.



RSPCA log no.  PR68 22/12/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.