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Rachel – Cat

Domestic Short HairFemaleApprox 2-5yrArrived 2nd June, 2018Fostered in Macclesfield “Night is a black cat with Moonscape amber eyes, walking gently across the Blue silhouette sky”. Black is beautiful and that is definitely to be said for Rachel. She has a typical sad story of being abandoned, along with a rabbit, […]

Bob – Cat

Domestic Short Hair Male Young adult Arrived 3rd July, 2019 Fostered in Sandbach Bob has come in via an Inspector who was dealing with a property of approx 30 cats.  Unfortunately their owner did not neuter the cats and breeding got out of control, therefore the cats have had little […]

Thomas – Cat

Male Domestic Long Hair 6 years old Arrived 14th June, 2019 Fostered in Macclesfield Thomas has come into our care through the Home for Life Scheme. This means that very sadly Thomas’ owner has died before Thomas came into our care. Thomas is feeling very bewildered and has been very unhappy […]

Honey – Cat

16 years old Female Tabby Arrived 8th April, 2019 Fostered in Bollington   Six years ago Honey & Beauty came into our care as their alcoholic elderly owner was very poorly and had to go into care, a relatives contacted us for help after he would walk miles every day […]

Paddy – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Paddy Staffordshire Bull Terrier 10 years old Male Arrived 28th March, 2019 Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre Poor Paddy was in a pretty bad state when he came to us, emaciated, dehydrated with a couple of pressure sores. He’d been quite badly neglected. The owner said that his mother died a […]

Beans – Cat

Female Domestic Short Hair 13 years old Arrived 4th February, 2019 Fostered in Macclesfield Beans, our little black beauty, has found herself with us after her owners’ marriage broke down. Sadly, Beans was the wife’s cat but she couldn’t take Beans with her. Before the baby came along a few […]

Mabel & Rose – cross breed Rabbits

Female 9 months old Arrived 3rd May, 2018 Fostered in Macclesfield October 2019 update: Mabel and Rose have been transferred to another rehoming branch in the hope they get some interest, a new area a new audience! June 2019 update: Rose and Mabel have been with us for several […]