Thor – Cross Breed

Cross breed
4 years
Arrived 27th October
Private boarding kennels Macclesfield

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Thor…is a gentleman. He is kind, demure, gentle and sweet. He has such a special way about him when you get to know him. He would love to find a new mum and dad as he is very depressed in kennels. He loves long rural walks, he loves to give kisses, he likes to cuddle up too, he needs companionship and a safe quiet home. Even though he exhibits anxiousness around other dogs he has never reacted badly whilst in our care. A child and pet free home is needed so Thor can get all the attention he needs to help him gain trust in men, you see he hasn’t had the best of care at the hands of a male, so of course Thor has exhibited fear related behaviors with some men that are unknown to him but this can be overcome, he likes to make friends slowly, food is a good way to do this, then once he knows you are not going to hurt him he will have an abundance of kisses for you. Thor and Ellis (adopted) were living in squalid conditions, faeces covering the house and garden, they have led very sheltered lives, unfortunately because of this and the fact they were both entire they had fought so for this reason they had to sadly be separated. Thor was adopted and then returned because the family couldn’t give him what he needed, more information will be given. Thor has so much love to give and if a true rescue dog like Thor doesn’t deserve to find his soul mate and be happy then what’s the point of what we do? We know his rescuer is out there somewhere!


Log No. 1787 9/5/16
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