Tiny – Russian Dwarf Hamster


Russian Dwarf Hamster
Approx 6 months
Arrived 29th October
Fostered in Macclesfield



This tiny Russian dwarf hamster was found on the streets in Congleton, the lady though it was a field mouse at first but then realized that it was in fact a hamster and managed to catch it. Tiny is very friendly, tame and confident and will make a great little family pet! He likes a little nibble but is not a biter. We do wonder what adventures this little one has had and thank our lucky stars he survived, when you think of all the dangers out there even wild rodents face! No matter how small our animals they all go to the vets to be checked over and Tiny is fit and healthy, the vets think he is male and aged him 6-9 months.


RSPCA log no. PH5 29/10/15

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