Toby – Guinea Pig

7 months approx
Arrived 16th November, 2019
Fostered in Congleton

Meet our eligible piggy bachelor, Toby. He is just adorable and still only a baby! Yes, Toby has pink eyes but just look at those ginger tufts, surely that’s a cuteness factor!

He has come from a multi-animal household, 84 guinea pigs, even more rabbits, cats and kittens! A terrible breeding/hoarding situation. We can only imagine the conditions and lack of attention and love all these animals had.

Toby was neutered on the 21st November and is looking for a lonely female or group to share the rest of his life with once he’s recovered. We offer a bonding service with his fosterer. He is a bit skittish but not wild. We’re confident with regular handling he’ll become a very tame and friendly guinea pig as he’s so young.

He will require a minimum 5ft x 2ft hutch or C&C or bespoke accommodation with a play area attached with plenty of enrichment. We do not rehome guinea pigs to live entirely in a hutch or cage as this does not provide sufficient space or enrichment to express their natural behaviour.

Housing requirements and ideas can be found here (click.)

For information on Guinea Pig welfare and needs please click here.

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log no. 348 12/8/19

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