Willow – Crossbreed Rabbit

Arrived 24th July
1 year 5 months old
Fostered in Chapel en le Frith.

Willow’s story: A lady phoned the branch asking for us to rehome Willow and his brother Mischief, she acquired them for free and had them just two days saying she didn’t want them as they weren’t well and she couldn’t afford a vet. We traced their history, they were originally purchased from a pet store, their first owner rehomed them (without divulging their issues) as the store would not take them back. They were never treated despite on one occasion seeing a vet. We have spent months treating and diagnosing including various anti biotics, xrays and swabs. Sadly Mischief passed away although we don’t know why and Willow has been on his own ever since. Due to the fact he is a Pasteurella bunny he will need to be rehomed with another Pasteurella neutered female bunny. It’s a long shot we know. Worst case scenario, even though rabbits should not live on their own, we would consider him to be a house rabbit as long as he has human company for most of the time. He will need an experienced rabbit owner due to his condition who can manage it. He is healthy otherwise. Typically Willow doesn’t like being picked up but will happily come up and take food off you and is very inquisitive. He is neutered and micro chipped.
Housing requirement is a ‘minimum’ sized 6x2x2ft hutch/shed with a minimum ‘attached’ 10x4ft or 6x6ft or 8x4ft (depending on the size of rabbits and numbers) run and freedom to a secure garden/alternative area for stimulation. Outdoor and indoor housing ideas can be found here


If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.

Log No. PR152 24/7/48