Womble – Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier
4-5 yrs approx
Arrived 25th August
Fostered in Nantwich
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Womble was found wandering  the streets, we waited the 28 days which is law to try and locate the owner through the official channels to no avail. An RSPCA veterinary nurse has been fostering Womble. She has started vaccinations and been micro chipped. She cannot be spayed yet (which is mandatory) as she is just finishing a season but we will cover the cost when she is ready.
Womble is a lovely little dog! She is an endearing little thing; she adores sleeping under the duvet, she’ll slide right on in there and snooze away! We hope her new owner allows this, a big ask, but it makes her so happy.  While she was in season she seemed to react to dogs when out but she is now much more sociable, she spent some time in a local country park meeting new dogs with no problems. She lives with a bossy cat who does not run to instigate chase and does know how to put Womble in her place so she could go with a dog savvy cat. She is good in the car and is house trained. She loves human company and would be at her happiest with someone who is around a lot to dote on her! She likes women a lot, she is getting more comfortable with men but she does need time to build up her trust first. Shouting/raised voices make her shake with fear. She will be a great best friend and company to whoever is lucky enough to have her as she has so much to give. 
Log No. PD176 25/08/15
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