Zuzana – Cat


2yrs 6months approx
Arrived 19th Feb 2016
Private Cattery Rode Heath


zuzana-230416 (2) zuzana-230416 (1)Zuzana

Zuzana is a cat with pleny of cattitude! She has been transferred from Warrington RSPCA animal centre due to being overlooked since her arrival back in June 2015-we hope she’ll get some interest here. She is neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. She’s a beautiful feline but the black and white cats are so common that they tend to be ignored compared to tabbies and more colourful cats. BUT Zuzana certainly has a colourful personality! She was originally abandoned so has been treated rather cruelly, she has taken time to come round to trusting people but she got there in the end-she was very scared and would hide herself away all day, peeping out of her blanket every now and again to check that the coast was clear before exploring but that’s history! With the right owner in a loving home environment as opposed to a cattery we are sure she will blossom even further. She needs a pet and child free home so she can relax without distractions and disturbances. Zuzana is confident but will not make a lap cat straight away, she will suit someone happy to take on an independent spirit with personality and attitude! She very much accepts physical contact on her own terms and when treats are in abundance, but enjoys attention and company. She would probably enjoy a rural location with space to come and go as she pleases. It’s not Zuzana’s fault she’s been dealt a bad card in life and we know there is an understanding new owner out there who will take her under their wing and watch her grow into a more affectionate and attentive moggie!


RSPCA Log 352 10/6/15

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